• I’ll put some of my own entries here ……
  • This is mainly for myself, but of course it is good if I’m lucky enough to have something that can help you.
  • I will post something half-finished or no one can understand here . (Chinese only)
  • In addition to the blog, I have a number of publicly available services which are detailed on this page.


I will mainly write blog posts in Chinese, with English translations provided for some posts.
For convenience, comments are not available on the English page, please comment on the Chinese version of the blog post.

About Me

  • đŸĨ‡ Retired Cuber, winner of the 4th Asian Championship Rubik’s Clock event, WCAID: 2014CAIS01 .
  • 🧑‍đŸ’ģ Retired ICPC / CCPC player, World Finals 2020.
  • 🔮 I like to mess around and do all sorts of things, but I don’t really know how to do anything.
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  • Please also include a link to the original article and the author’s name “CSL” when reposting.
  • The blog is deployed on Cloudflare Pages , and open sourced at my git repository under the GPL 3.0 .


If you find what I’ve written helpful, consider buying me a cup of milk tea đŸ¤Ē。

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